MM2 Values: All Murder Mystery 2 Knife Values [January 2023]

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This post includes all the latest MM2 values. Murder Mystery 2 is a Roblox video game similar to Among Us or DBD. You can choose to play the role of an innocent or a sheriff. The innocents will team up with the Sheriff to stop the murderer who wants to kill innocents using his knife. Our MM2 value list contains updated values for Ancient and Godly weapons and Legendary and Legendary weapons.

Roblox user @Nikilis released this game along with Murder Mystery 2 knives codes on January 18, 2014. This allowed players to add knives to their arsenals and trade them with other users. Trading is possible between players through many knives available to them. Our guide provides the most current official knife MM2 prices based on evaluations by leading clans.

Remember that weapon prices change based on rarity and demand. These changes are made on trading servers run by MM2 Values & Supreme. Please bookmark this page by pressing CTRL+ D, as we will continue updating it with the most current values for all MM2 weapons.

MM2 Values: Ancient Weapons

It is important to note that ancient knives do not resemble knives but instead take the form of scythes and axes. This trend is likely to continue in the future.

MM2 Values: MM2 Unique

Unique weapons are even more powerful than Ancient Weapons. At the moment, the Unique knife you can trade is Corrupt.??

MM2 Values: MM2 Godlys

?You can obtain Godly Weapons from crates and crafting, game passes, trading, events, trading, and codes by purchasing merch at Although some Godly weapons can be rarer than others, they are generally one tier lower than Ancient Weapons and one above Legendary Weapons.


Chroma Godlys MM2 Values

Below you will find the values of the tradeable Chroma Godly knives and weapons:

Godlys MM2 Values (Tier 1-3)

Below you will find the values of Tier 1-3 Godly knives and weapons:

MM2 Values: MM2 Legendary Values List

Below you will find the values of Tier 1-3 Legendary knives and weapons:

MM2 Values: Vintage Knives

Players obtained vintage Weapons (previously known as Classic Weapons) through data from the original Murder Mystery before Murder Mystery 2. They are only obtainable by trading.

MM2 Values: Rare Knives

Below you will find the values of Tier 1-3 Rare knives and weapons:

Rare Tier 3 MM2 Values

Rare Tier 2 MM2 Values

Rare Tier 1 MM2 Values

This concludes our list of all the latest MM2 values.

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MM2 Values FAQ

Which weapon is the rarest in MM2?

Mummy and Jack are the rarest weapons in Murder Mystery 2. These knives are retro as Jack and Mummy were unavailable until the 2015 Halloween Bingo Challenge. These knives are only currently available through the knife trading network.

Due to their rarity, both weapons are costly. Jack’s value is 110 Seers according to MM2 Values and 150 Seers according to Supreme. Mummy is valued at 115 seers on MM2 Values, while Supreme values her at 105 seers.

What is the value of the Seer?

The Seer is available for 50 Robux. It’s easy to get. For the current trading value, see our tables.

What is the value for Ghost in MM2?

The Ghost knife in MM2 is worth 200 Seers. This knife was included in the Halloween 2018 Item Pack and was only available for trade.

What is the value of MM2 Ice Phoenix?

Ice Phoenix is worth 35 Seers in MM2. The Ice Phoenix was part of the now-expired Winter Item Pack of Murder Mystery 2 for 1299 Robux. This pet can be traded only.

Is Gemstone more valuable than Icewing in the MM2?

Gemstone currently has a value in MM2 of 35 Seers. Icewing currently has a value of 40 Seers in MM2. It is therefore worth more than Gemstone.

What is the death shard’s worth MM2

The Death Shard in MM2 has a value of 40 Seers according to MM2 values and 30 according to the Supreme values. To obtain Deathshard, you must unbox and trade Knife Box 1.

What is Frostbite value for MM2?

Frostbite currently has a value of 20 Seers, based on mm2 and 20 based upon Supreme values. Frostbite can be obtained by trading or from the Frostbite package (1699 Robux).

What is Frostsaber’s value in MM2?

Frostsaber’s value is 32 Seers, based on mm2 and 20 according to Supreme. Although the Godly knife was once available for purchase for 5000 Snow Tokens in the past, it is now only tradeable.

How much does Ghost Blade cost in MM2?

Ghostblade’s value according to MM2V is 22 Seers. Supreme says it has a worth of 28 Seers. Ghostblade used to be available via the Ghostly Pack in the past. However, it is now only available via trade.

What does Hallow’s Blade cost in the MM2 value list?

Hallow’s Blade’s value is 25 Seers according to mm2 values and 30 according to the Supreme values. Hallow’s Blade is a Godly knife featured in the 2017 Halloween event. It is only available for trading.

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