Grand Piece Online: A unique Roblox game

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Grand Piece Online by Grand Quest Games is a Roblox game I play when I have the time. It was long-awaited by many One Piece and Roblox fans, and while I am not the biggest Roblox fan, I am a massive One Piece fan. This Roblox game is unusual from the start as you have to pay 200 Robux (around 2.5 euros in the EU) to buy and play the game.

In my mind, that’s an indicator that the developers have put some work into the game, and that’s obvious from the beginning at Beginner’s Town. At this point, you need to start learning the combat system to avoid getting smashed by bandits. Simultaneously, this game does not rely on gacha mechanics to generate revenue. Instead, it is more a game that relies on grinding for weapons and Devil Fruits, and any Robux players spend is targeted towards that. The game also seems to aim to follow the full One Piece manga and anime.

In essence, this might be one of the few full-fledged action/fighting games in Roblox.

Grand Piece Online Locations

The game so far features the Blue Sea (with a mix of its locations), called Sea of Phoeyu, and Skypiea, the sea in the sky.

Sea of Phoeyu Locations

Below you will find all locations in Sea of Phoeyu, along with their recommended levels, bosses, drops and boss drops, and purchasable fighting styles, abilities, and items:

Skypiea Locations

Below you will find all locations in Skypiea, along with their recommended levels, bosses, drops and boss drops, and purchasable fighting styles, abilities, and items:

Grand Piece Online Fighting Styles

Below you will find the currently implemented fighting styles in Grand Piece Online. We have two Sanji-inspired fighting styles, one from the Enies Lobby Arc and the CP-9, one from Zoro when he fought with one sword, one from the Zou residents in the New World, and Fishman Karate.

Black Leg

Demon Step


Electro Style

One-Sword Style

Fishman Karate

Grand Piece Online Devil Fruits

Devil Fruits can spawn roughly once every 1-4 hours and remain available for 1 hour. A new DF spawn timer starts when the current one is picked up or despawns (after 1 hour). There four Devil Fruit rarities; common, rare, legendary, and mythical.

Farming Devil Fruits in Grand Piece Online

Apart from waiting for Devil Fruit spawn, you can also farm them. Here are the options:

  • Ship Farming: 1-2% chance to reward you with a Devil Fruit.
  • Dungeons: Not sure about the drop chance of DF in dungeons.
  • Sea King Farming: Sea Kings have a 3% chance of dropping a Devil Fruit.

Grand Piece Online implemented Devil Fruits

Grand Piece Online features many Devil Fruits; some have already been added to the game, while some have only been teased so far. In this post, we will focus on the ones implemented into the game, but you can

This list contains Devil Fruits that are fully implemented into the game:

Grand Piece Online Weapons

Grand Piece Online Swords & Melee Weapons

This list contains Melee Weapons that are fully implemented and can be bought, dropped by enemies, and equipped.

There are currently 13 weapons in the game as of Update 3 with the new Elo’s Hammer.

Grand Piece Online Guns

Here are the currently available guns in GPO:

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