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Owned by the Kids, Young Adults, and Classics division of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Boomerang is a popular cable television network and streaming service. The channel initially began its journey as a programming block on Boomerang, focusing primarily on classic cartoons from the library of Warner Bros.

Later, Boomerang created a separate channel and began to air original programming, focusing mainly on reboots of legacy franchises such as Scooby-Doo and Looney Tunes. The channel is available to more than 38 million pay television households in the US itself.

If you use a streaming device like Roku, Android TV, Fire TV, Apple TV, etc., you can easily access the Boomerang channel by downloading & installing the Boomerang app from the App store. After installation, you need to activate the Boomerang app.

How to Subscribe to Boomerang?

You must have a subscription to Boomerang to watch your favorite cartoon characters on your desired streaming device. If you do not have a subscription, you can buy it by following the below-mentioned instructions:

  • Go to the Boomerang sign-up page.
  • Select your preferred plan (monthly or yearly).
  • Then, enter your age and click the NEXT button.
  • On the next screen, please enter your email address and password in the provided field and click I AGREE, SIGN ME UP!
  • Then, enter the payment details and your First Name and Last Name.
  • After that, agree to the terms, click SUBSCRIBE button, and complete the remaining on-screen prompts.
  • Your subscription to Boomerang will begin with a 7-Day free trial.

Activate Boomerang App on Roku at

Follow the below steps to watch Boomerang on your Roku streaming device –

  • Go to Streaming Channels > Search Channels section from your Roku device home screen.
  • In the Search section, look for the Boomerang app.
  • Once located, select the app and tap the Add channel option to install it.
  • After installation, tap the Go to channel button to launch the app.
  • Inside the app, select the Sign-in option.
  • You will see an activation code on your TV screen to authorize your Boomerang subscription.
  • Go to
  • Sign in to your Boomerang account and submit the activation code.
  • Get back to your Roku device and start accessing the Boomerang content.

Activate Boomerang on Amazon Fire TV at

Follow the below steps to watch 5,000+ cartoons and movies on your Amazon Fire TV –

  • Launch the home screen of your Fire TV and access the Find section.
  • In the Find field, type “Boomerang” and begin the search process.
  • From the search results, select the Boomerang app.
  • Next, tap the Open option to launch the Boomerang app.
  • Select Sign in to get an activation code.
  • Visit the Boomerang activation page on a web browser.
  • Sign in using your Boomerang account credentials.
  • Please enter the code and click Activate.
  • Return to your Fire TV screen to find yourself logged into the Boomerang app.

Note: Boomerang is also available as a channel on Amazon Prime Video, so you can access it directly using your Prime Video app.

Boomerang on Android TV

The following steps will help you activate the Boomerang app on your Android TV within a minute –

  • Navigate to the Apps section from the home screen of your Android TV.
  • Under the Apps section, select the Play Store option.
  • In the Play Store app, find the Boomerang app using the search option.
  • Next, tap the Install button to add the app to your Android TV.
  • Once installed, launch the app by tapping the Open option.
  • Enter your Boomerang login credentials to sign in to the app.
  • However, if you see a unique code upon launching the app, visit
  • Sign in to your Boomerang account, enter the code in the provided field and confirm it.
  • The Boomerang app is now active on your Android TV.

Activate Boomerang on Apple TV

  • Go to the App Store app from the main menu of your Apple TV.
  • Use the search option in the App Store to locate the Boomerang app.
  • Next, tap the Get icon to download and install the app.
  • After installation, tap the Open option to launch the app.
  • Enter your Boomerang account login credentials to sign in.
  • If your Apple TV displays a one-time code, go to the Boomerang activation page –
  • On the activation page, sign in using your Boomerang account credentials. 
  • Once logged in, submit the activation code.
  • The Boomerang app is now activated on your Apple TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which devices are compatible with Boomerang app?

You can access the Boomerang app on various devices such as Android TV, Android mobile devices, Apple TV, iOS devices, Roku, Kindle, and Amazon Fire TV (or Fire Stick). Boomerang is also compatible with Chromecast and Apple Airplay.

Why can’t I download a movie or an episode?

There can be numerous reasons why you may not be able to download a movie or an episode:
– Your device has run out of space.
– Your internet connection may have been interrupted.
– The maximum number of downloads permissible for a particular video has been exhausted.
– Your Boomerang account has reached the allowable amount of active downloads.

How can I renew my Boomerang subscription if it has expired?

– Launch the Boomerang app or go to on your phone or pc browser.
– Sign in to your Boomerang account. 
– Select the “Subscribe” link once logged in.
– Follow the on-screen prompts to renew your membership.

What are the subscription plans offered by Boomerang?

1 Year: $4.16/Monthly
1 Month: $5.99/Monthly

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